Monday, February 25, 2008

Moral Anemia

I’ve begun noticing a troublesome trend in our community.
When I was growing up a lot more of what’s considered secular was accepted and acceptable. Television, radio, secular newspapers, interactions with non Jews and non Orthodox was more commonplace.
Along with our communities coming of age it’s finding a more secure footing and a secure perch to set its own agenda. We’ve thus become more insulated more sure of ourselves in that we feel secure enough to turn more insular. And so we’ve vaccum packed our community and sucked out all outside influences.

Parallel to this phenomenon we’ve also embraced an unrestrained indulgence of whatever it is that’s allowed to us. And so one can find every conceivable restaurant genre Kosher leMehadrin. One sees unrestrained exuberance in the guise of houses, cars and other luxuries. The concept of Kadesh Atzmecha BeMuter Loch Sanctify yourself even in that thats permitted to you) is a thing of the past. The ideas of restraint for the sake of restraint for the sake of auster simplicity are viewed with disdain and pity.
What we are left with is a youth with anemic and weak moral muscles.
Think about it.
If the forbidden is out of bounds and the permitted is indulged what’s left? Where is the moral middle ground? What happens when this youth suddenly enters a wokrforce and is confronted with real moral dillemas in real life situations?

Look around..and you’ll see.