Friday, July 29, 2011

The Last Taboo

That's it?

Have we broken the last taboo?

Is murder now one of our modes of operation?

As shocking as the news as been over the past few weeks, those with some knowledge of history know that Jews aren't strangers to murder. After all, murder played a role in the destruction of both Batei Hamikdash and reading old newspapers will reveal some shocking news stories that shatter the idyllic painting that is often presented to us as fact about life in the old country.

Nevertheless after the trauma of The Holocaust we felt close, small and fragile. We felt like we were part of a delicate rebuilding process and a level of intimacy was achieved amidst the common sense of purpose that was our mission.
But that seems to be fading as the last of survivors pass on and The Holocaust becomes less reality and more history. That reality, I think is hitting us really hard with the passing of those leaders that gave us that common purpose and with this new frightening reality that is emerging.

The Ba'al Shem Tov once asked, the Mishne in Avos says that The wise one learns from every single person in the world.

What can one possible learn from despicable cold blooded murderers??

There are many forms of murder.
The Gemara says that he that embarrasses another person is as if he murdered him. Being insensitive to others, causing shame to others are all minor forms of murder.
So I look at these murderers and internalize that sense of revulsion. Then when I'm faced with a position where I can possibly be causing another shame or embarrassment I bring up that same sense of revulsion...

May God have mercy on us...



Anonymous theonlywayiknow said...

your writing always speaks to me - after so long-
it hits the spot

in this case
even though you've put it into words
i become more and more convinced
that there are
that these days
there are words
no more

thank you though for still managing to express what can be difficult to verbalize

August 03, 2011 7:01 PM  

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