Saturday, March 01, 2008

Thoughts on an unfortunate affair...

I will begin by saying that I have no clue as to who the parties involved really are and I'm not trying to judge anyone personally.
These are just thoughts that have been swimming around my head the last few days.

How fickle we've become.
After a week of listening to banter back and forth..
I'm trying to come up with a proper word to sum up our community..
Not sure those are strong enough. But one thing is clear, we're drowning in this strange concoction of being too secure with ourselves and insecurity.
As someone who is passionate about music and also dismayed by popular Jewish music these days I feel like this whole issue is a microcosm of Jewish life in general these days.
Yes I agree, relatively speaking Lipa Schmeltzer is a talented person. But when I hear his music, I hear a kid in a candy shop, entirely not true to himself. There can be so much emotion in music and even in non-Jewish music and yet we choose to steal the cool wedding intro guitar riffs and song intros to make it sound "goyish". If that's not pathetic I don't know what is.
Do you think there's a single person in the world not listening to 50cent because Lipa has some half hearted guitar riffs in his songs??
I sometimes look around and I feel like I'm drowning in immaturity.
Geshmak, heimish, abi mleibt, wooohoo. Sure..everythings good..calm down I'll move my car when I want to. Oy..Mi K'Amcha Yisruel, we're so great...and all I hear is Insecure..Insecure....Insecure..
What about striving for higher?
What about true meaning in life?
Where is Kotzk or even Kierkegaard..?
Have you ever gone to a modern day "concert" and come out truly uplifted?
What's with this frivolous self glamorization?
Who the heck is anyone fooling?

The true shame is...that such bans don't come from the bottom up.

I know that there's the important concept of Kol Yisroel Areivim but that doesn't mean that one has to be dragged down by the smallnesses that happen to define our community now. I've turned inwards a long time ago and stopped only viewing myself only through the prism of the community. I think if more people did that, then we can build something special from the ground up again, without all the trappings of mass insecurity. We could build a religion not smothered by our sub culture but inspired only by our relationship with God.