Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's 5:00....please open the dooors

An alarming study shows that office workers in the United waste 30-40% of their time at their desks.

“According to a new survey by America Online and, the average worker admits to frittering away 2.09 hours per 8-hour workday, not including lunch and scheduled break-time. “
That's right..and that's how much they admit to wasting..

Top Time-Wasting Activities (%)

1 Surfing Internet (personal use) 44.7%
2 Socializing with co-workers 23.4%
3 Conducting personal business 6.8%
4 Spacing out 3.9%
5 Running errands off-premises 3.1%
6 Making personal phone calls 2.3%
7 Applying for other jobs 1.3%
8 Planning personal events 1.0%
9 Arriving late / Leaving early 1.0%
10 Other 12.5%

Contrasting that, anyone who has ever taken a ride in a NY elevator would notice how impatientt people are.

The intensity in the tsks every time it stops on a floor.

A stranger who spends his day in an elevator would come out convinced that Americans are a people that do not waste an extra second.

So how about we expand our elevators and outfit them with workstations?