Friday, May 02, 2008

A small glimpse into the future..

May, 2025

Driving down a lonely stretch of highway the radio keeping me company..

In other news the last remaining US airline UniteDeltanentalWestBlue Airlines will declare bankruptcy tomorrow morning. This comes despite attempts to rescue the airline which received a customer approval rating of just 3% last week. The lock-down will strand 4 million passengers Atlantas Hartsfield Airport alone. BankofAmericaChaseWaChoviaMu will try to come up with another rescue plan tomorrow.

On the campaign trail, Chelsea Clinton reiterated her promise to start pulling troops out of Iraq by 2030

A voice suddenly pops up “Low Ethanol..please refill immediately”.

Just then, I passed over the crest of a hill and in the distance a familiar red and yellow DelMonte sign beckons.

picture composite by me all rights reserved Del Monte Corporation blah blah