Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The DoTL Chasunah Plan

I would like to humbly propose a wedding plan that would take care of all the problems that we face vis a vis weddings these days.

The Rabbonim need to state that just as a Bris is a mitzvah and needs to be performed as early as possible in the day, so too a wedding.

Now close you eyes and imagine all the guests coming for Shacharis and immediately after Aleinu the Mesader Kiddushin calls out Boruch Habo and the Chsson walks down the impromptu aisle while the men are still putting away their Tefillin....on with the show. You then have the Kesubah read, Brachos Wine..broken cup..Mazel Tov! Off to a side room to nurse the baby..I mean for the yichud room.

Then most people will just grab a doggie bag and head to work while close family and friends stay for the meal and dancing. By 10-11am the whole thing is finished...and everyone could proceed with their day..

Imagine how much money is saved.
Bagels and lox instead of hungry guests expecting fancy smorgasbords.
No more late nights and exhausted mornings.
No more Bochurim battling middle aged dancers who are shuffling along dreaming of bed.

Hmm I think I'm onto something...