Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nachamu Nachamu Ami

And the Lord called out to The Prophet and told him. Go forth to my downtrodden people and console them. I will lift them from the ground on which they sit and silence the cries of lament from their lips. I will console my people with concerts, and pizza. For I have seen the suffering of my children and heard their anguished cries. A day of cosolation has come. Lift your eyes unto the hills of the Catskills and rejoice in thy Bowling Alleys and Concert Halls. Let your ears hear the lamenting crier no more but rather be gladdened by the riffs of the electric guitar. Remove fear from your hearts O Youth of Zion and go forth boldly and wildly. Thy tears shall turn to scotch and freely flow and shall make you rejoice. I will smite thine enemies a mortal blow and those that report your misdeeds shall have no voice nor website.
Be consoled my people: Nachamu Nachamu Ami.....