Friday, January 02, 2009

Greatest Moment of My Life

From my old blog

This month marks the anniversary of the greatest moment of my life..

My oldest child was born.

Only those with children can fully understand what I’m saying. And those who haven’t been blessed yet I pray with all my heart that you should experience this soon (if you want it..).

As the day progressed and the labor intensified I as the husband felt utterly hopeless and beside myself watching my wife writhing in pain.
Everything so surreal. Tired beyond belief. Nurses and Doctors rushing to and fro. Anxious husbands pacing the halls, another cup of coffee, another shrieking mother to be. The smell of alcohol and stale coffee..

Then suddenly..the nurse announces matter of factly in hebrew..ok she’s ready to push...
The doctor comes in...lights go on...everyones donning scrubs..
I back away..not sure I’m wanted..
Everyones goading her to puuuush...just a little more...She’s straining..I swear she’s going to pop a her head...
And then stop..take a deep breath..
By now she’s beside herself...I’m a nervous wreck...
Oooooh we can see the head....he has black hair..Eizeh Motek...
Ok...I’m going to need you to push really hard now...take a deep breathe..
Od me’at..just a little more..

And then..

The moment...


A baby..

A boy

A real live flesh and small..crying...oh my goodness..that was INSIDE her?

Tears..just unimaginable joy...
My baby...

Less than 2 years removed from being a bochur..I’m suddenly holding my child.
It was an overwhelming moment.

Later that night I hopped into a cab. Sitting by the window watching the world go by as if nothing just happened. As if this most incredible miracle never occurred.
Hello! I had a baby! My wife just had a live human being crawl out of her!
It’s too much.
As I dozed off a feeling washed over me.
I’ll never forget that’s a feeling I’d never experienced not before and not since.
A feeling of bliss..of accomplishment in a very basic, primal way. I have produced an offspring. I remember thinking..ok God can take me now, I’ve brought another generation down to this world. And I drifted off into a deep sleep...

Only to be awakened by my cabbie gently shaking me.
Slicha Adoni....Sanhedriya HaMurchevet?..
Shloshim Shekel B'vakasha.
Mazal Tov




Blogger The Dreamer said...


January 09, 2009 10:13 AM  
Blogger G6 said...

Beautiful recounting of a defining moment (and how life goes on all around everybody's "moments").

February 06, 2009 4:19 PM  
Blogger chanie said...


Interesting to see it from the father's perspective.

March 10, 2009 3:10 AM  

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