Monday, November 07, 2016

Is this....where I end?

My fingers 
they trace my skin...
the contours of
my matter....
the borderlands 
of life and air...
or bed....or
clearly defined
Six feet...
one inch
I reach outward...
as far as I can
as if to ask...
is this it?
is this where I end?
and begin
does my consciousness...
storm....the wall
of skin..
are my thoughts
piled up...thousands high
at the ramparts 
yearning to break free?
is this where I end?
does my love

touch you?

do my words 
not send a chill
down your spine?

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Blogger Altie said...

Thrilling, as always. I thought about stealing this poem for a poetry round table at my library and passing it off as my own. I did not, of course. Your poetry is thrilling. Real.

January 08, 2017 3:19 AM  

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