Tuesday, October 24, 2006

From my ringer to Gods ears...

The majority of bystanders, passengers and pedestrians’ knowledge of classical is limited to shrill digital likenesses of the William Tell Overture or a Beethoven Symphony emanating from purses and belts, well at least for a few seconds before the mini concert is rudely interrupted by a Hellooo??

Conversely, anyone at a Classical Music concert can attest to how annoying the unrefined sound of a cellphone is in the middle of a delicate piano concerto movement. I was once at a concert in Europe when the conductor and pianist refused to continue playing until the red faced offender left the hall.

So one orchestra decided to embrace it's nemesis in an unusual way.
The Chicago Sinfonnieta began it's season with a Concerto for Cell Phones and Orchestra.
Click to read...see video link on top right side.

Hmm why can't our Rabbonim be so resourceful and somehow figure out a way of incorporating the cellphone into the liturgy?

Imagine for a moment the Baal Shem Tov alive in todays day. Here's how one classic tale might've gone down.

The Holy Baal Shem was locked in his room for hours. His disciples nervously pacing outside. It was already 3 hours after Kol Nidre was to have begun and no sign of the holy master.
Suddleny the door opens and his glowing countenance filled the doorframe. His smile belied the seriousness of the moment as he made his way to the Amud to begin the service. After davening his closest Chassidim crowded around him and asked for an explanation. He turned to them and said..you see there was a terrible decree against the Jews and I was storming the heavens trying to foil it. Suddenly in a small neighborhood not far from here, a young stock broker curiously entered his local Shul still dressed in his preppy work clothes. He looked around and wished he knew how to pray. With a heart full of longing and sadness he pulled out his cellphone and pushed his favorite Mission Impossible ringer and cried out..God I don't know how to pray..please accept this little tune in lieu of my prayers.
At that moment, declared the Baal Shem, the decree was abolished and I was able to begin Kol Nidre, as his chassidim listened in awe in the silent night punctured only by the sound of a distant car alarm.



Blogger Moiy-rah said...

yay mission impossible!

... and i totally missed the point.



October 24, 2006 4:11 PM  
Blogger somewhere over the rainbow said...

Could not watch the video but a good story - LOL!!!

October 24, 2006 5:25 PM  
Blogger anonym00kie said...

adorable as always :)
and sadly enough.. that cellphone prayer could SO happen in my shul :)

October 24, 2006 6:38 PM  
Blogger anonym00kie said...

btw.. i dont think the link is working

October 24, 2006 6:39 PM  
Blogger Sara with NO H said...

That link froze up all of firefox. lol So I have no idea what exactly I'm supposed to be watching. Update me on when it's up and working.

October 24, 2006 7:07 PM  
Blogger socialworker/frustrated mom said...

I didn't watch the video but great thoughts.

October 25, 2006 9:43 AM  
Blogger kasamba said...

Just brilliant!

October 25, 2006 1:04 PM  
Blogger bellanny said...

I actually read an article about it in the NY Times. I think it is very cool how they embraced technology and allowed the audience to participate in the music. I am sure they will remember it for a long time.

October 25, 2006 3:15 PM  
Blogger Noodles said...

Brilliant piece! Good day ... "bring bring" ... Noodles ;)

October 25, 2006 4:30 PM  
Blogger the only way i know said...

You are above and beyond creative!
I dont know what to say - that was just great!

October 26, 2006 6:51 AM  
Blogger David_on_the_Lake said...

points are meant to be missed..

its working now..thanks

lol...so talk to ur rabbi...

its working...

thank u


Thanks...ahhh nice ringer...loudER...!


October 26, 2006 1:51 PM  
Blogger Open Up! said...

doesn't work by me :(

October 26, 2006 4:57 PM  
Blogger David_on_the_Lake said...

hmm works for me

October 26, 2006 9:31 PM  
Blogger Mata Hari said...

I love it

October 26, 2006 11:35 PM  
Blogger David_on_the_Lake said...

Thanks MH

October 27, 2006 9:11 AM  

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