Sunday, March 16, 2008

moments of bliss, kesser

It’s 11:10..
After Krias Hatorah..
spiritualy sated
Mind saturated..
With words of wisdom..
Soo good...and deep..
And stimulating..
glints off my..
Silver tallis atara..
The scent..of burning kugel..
Just the right amount..
Saturates my senses...
Wraps around my soul..
The chazzens beautiful voice..
Completes the journey..
To somelace sublime..
beyond time..
Swaying..side to side...
I get swept up
in the roaring crescendo..
Kesssseeerrrr Yitnu Lechooo...
Kesser..The Crown..The highest
Of the sefiros...
Godly emanations...
first glimmers of creation...
deepest of Gods desires..
Stoking..the divine fires..
Of pure love..and give..
To love..and forgive...
My voice..rises..Kessserrr
i promise..
my pathetic
beautiful crown..
I pledge..
My deepest desires...
To you...
And thank you for this day
For this moment..
of bliss...
For this