Thursday, June 12, 2008

on Voices...and other random things...

Voices say so much about personality, I find.

For instance liberals and conservatives have such distinctly different voices.
On one side you have the quintessential NPR voice. The voice of nuance and Ivy League. A voice that just begs to be socked in the face, glasses mangled.
Think Bert on Sesame Street.
Yea, Bert is definitely a liberal..feeding the pigeons and all..

On the other side you have the self assured tele-marketer type voice. Think smooth and cocky. Or else you have that in your face voice.
Think Oscar the Grouch...
You just cannot mix them up.
There are some exceptions to the rule.
For instance Michael Moore has a conservative voice. Not sure how that happened.

The video above has in it a great liberal voice in Brian Lehrer as well as Michael Moore and some great conservative voices from down south.

Another interesting observation. I’ve noticed..people tend to have 2 voices.
One voice is reserved for the Hello..when you answer a cell phone.
I don’t know if this is true for everyone but I know so many people like this.
I have one friend, a young fellow and yet he answers his cell phone a full octave below his normal voice in a drawn out Helllooooo..he sounds like an old man. And then, right after that first hello..its back normal..” are ya..”.
My aunt who has a bit of a deepish voice for a woman answer her phone like a sweet little girl...hello..before reverting back to her natural voice..

One more thing. I'm getting tired of seeing movies with extras running terrified through Times Square as some monster wreaks havoc. What is it about Times Square that makes it soo tempting to destroy and terrorize?

alright..enough rambling for now...