Monday, September 01, 2008

David does politics

Ok. I generally do not like to write about politics much but this political season is just too exciting to resist.

First there was Barack blowing everyone away with his speech last Thursday then McCain blew everyone away with his announcement on Friday, then Gustav blew everyone away over the weekend now Bristol Palin is blowing Gustav off the headlines...

There's Obama who I really like and think can be a great president. He's very smart and love the way he thinks things through. He also has the gift of getting his message through by his great speaking and writing skills.
Unfortunately, while he paints great abstract paintings I'm not so sure of the nitty gritty details of his policies, especially on the economic front.

There's McCain, while I like his heroic background and the fact that he doesn't blindly tow the party line, I have serious doubts about his intellectual capacity. The last thing I want is another Bush in the White House.
Then he goes out and picks this very likable woman as his Vice Presidential pick and before long, her pristine image is as tainted as the Arctic National Refuge with oil rigs.
I mean seriously if she looked like Janet Reno would people be all excited about her eating moosebergers?

Before I go picking a candidate I'd like to go through some of my political views...

The Torah view of abortion is not quite as extreme as the Pro Life stance on abortion. It is not considered murder, yet is only allowed when the mothers life is threatened. According to should be an issue of separation of church and state.

I have to say I think the Left Wings framing of this issue is ridiculously brilliant. They somehow managed to get this an issue about a womans "right to choose".."pro choice" etc...
As if this is about men limiting women's right to choose.
We allow women to choose everything. They can choose between oranges and tangerines, between a red or blue ipod even between allowing themselves to live or ordering DNR instructions but nooooooooo THIS is where we draw the line. We're anti a woman's right to choose. If men would be pregnant we'd all be pro choice. And somehow this crazy labeling stuck in the publics mind.

Gay Rights:
This issue does not scare as much as it seems to scare others. I can't see any straight person becoming gay if gays are afforded more rights.

I do take issue with the idea that it should be called marriage. While I don't think the word "sacred" has any place in a government that separates church and state, I just don't think you suddenly change the meaning of the act of marriage after thousands of years just because some people that were born differently feel left out.

Even evolutionists agree that marriage evolved because of a need for a safe institution to raise another generation of homo sapiens.
I cannot even fathom how people can compare the struggle for gay marriage with the struggle for intermarriage rights of the 1960s. How can you compare trying to re-define the act of marriage to bigotry against who gets married to whom?

Capital Punishment:
I've already posted a poem about my opposition to the death penalty.
Hypocrisy be continued