Sunday, January 13, 2008

The March of Fate...

I don’t usually comment on political matters.
The reason for this is that I’ve become somewhat of a fatalist over the years.

Lev M’lachim b’Yad Hashem (The heart of rulers are in the hang of God).

Watching history move and events occur and watching people kicking and screaming trying to stop the flow of fate is almost comical if viewed in fast-forward retrospective motion.
For instance in Israel.
Whether I like it or not for the past 20 years I’ve been saying that one day the Palestinians will have a state and that Israel will be forced back to close to the 1967 border. These comments have brought me nothing but scorn and derision at countless Shabbos tables. Yet, it just seems rediculous to think otherwise. The uproar people make when the obvious facts are stated is confounding. Yes Israel IS occupying another people. How can you possibly say that they’re not?
True, we might feel justified in doing so. But the hard facts cannot be changed. Israel has never made the slightest inclination of even pretending to prepare for a future in which all of the Land of Israel from The Jordan to the Meditteranean will once be under normal Israeli rule.
I can still remember as a kid visiting Chevron and the tour guide openly mocking the submissive pre-intifadeh Palestinians. And I remember thinking to myself, oh man..this is gonna blow up in our faces one day.

In Israel you have a right wing population that serves in the army and is willing to face some of these challenges head by laying their life on the line for their fading religious ideal.
You also have a left wing population that serves in the army as well and is sick and tired of war and so is willing to grasp onto even the smallest of straws in the hope of achieving peace.

And then there’s the Charedi/American group totally removed from reality, in their comfortable bubble tsking..and shaking their heads when anyone speaks of the facts on the ground. Facts that fly in the face of a pre-illusion of something that simply does not exist.
And then theres the inevitable march of history.
Yes the world marches toward a date with a messianic destiny, but no one knows how and when it all plays out.
And so it goes..the march toward inevitability...
Bulging veins..
I’ve lived through it all..
Netanyahu gives back Chevron...
Sharon gives back Gaza..
Back to Netanyahu..
And the masses don’t see it..
Do you need someone like Kahana himself to give back Jerusalem to realize that the march of fate doesn’t let anyone stand in the way?

In American politics it’s the same. I try looking more at character then policies because policies can change so fast, especially if your heart and mind is controlled by heavenly strings.
I’ve always liked John McCain and so I hope he makes it all the way to the White House.
His strong character and the fact that he doesn’t march goose stepping behind blanket conservative ideas makes him well suited to lead.