Wednesday, July 02, 2008

protection on the road

You can always count on GEICO for better service and better rates.
We at GEICO are proud to announce that we now offer Shemira BiDrachim Insurance policies at rates far below those offered by our competitors

Instead of $119 we offer superior service for only $99 a year.
Our service guarantees that every driver will have at least 1 child say Tehillim for him/her while they’re on the road. Not only that but we will install special sensors in the car that will notify us when you’re speeding or not wearing a seatbelt so that we can re-double our efforts. We will even know when you’re pulled over so that we can storm the heavens on your behalf.

Here is a real life account from a disgruntled customer of our competition.
“I was driving my brand new Lexus on the Thruway on the phone when I saw another car swerve toward me losing control. At first I wasn’t concerned because I remembered all those kinderlach saying Tehillim for me, but as he got closer I realized I’m in kid must’ve been daydreaming or picking his nose at that very moment! And the next thing I knew..I was laid up in the hospital..immobile. I called them up and gave them my name and my mothers name but they told me that the policy doesn’t cover Tehillim for recovery, and that would cost me an additional $49!

The bad news is..I broke 5 ribs both arms and my kneecap...but the good news is...I just saved 15% by switching to GEICO!"