Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thoughts on the RNC (updated)

Just a few quick thoughts on the Republican Convention...

McCain's speech was really boring in the beginning and he seemed to have trouble following the tele-prompters.
But when he spoke about himself and his experiences it was very poignant. I think that's something that has to resonate with everyone.

My favorite moment though was 5 seconds after he said "..if you see an adult illiterate teach him to read and write.." (or something like that) the camera panned to someone holding a sign that read "John the Mavrick)...

(for those wondering...that's not how you spell Maverick)

Looking around the the convention delegates made me feel like I'm in aisle 4 in Walmart. But I suppose that's the core of the Republican party but I wonder if the number of social conservative voters is growing or shrinking in this country.
Polls consistently show the under 25 age to be far more liberal than older groups.
I've always thought that the Republicans were 10 years behind the Democrats in terms of social issues.
Is this the last hurrah for strong conservatism? Will future Republican platforms have to be more accepting and open minded for them to win the popular vote?
Or is the Evangelical base strong enough to sustain and grow?

I do have to say that Sarah Palin has generated alot of excitement and enthusiasm and that goes a long way in November.
There's a media frenzy to try to find negatives on her.. I mean, what's with this incessant comparing Sarah Palins experience with Barack Obama?? Obama is running for President..he has to lead from day 1. The Vice President has only made it to the job a handful of times..and by then hopefully she'll have alot more experience (as long as McCain doesnt pull a Harrison on us..(he's the guy that died a month after his inauguration))
Although as I said in my last post, it has alot to do with her good looks and charm.
If she looked like Janet Reno we'd all be puking at the thought of her eating a mooseburger..
In any case..I think she should shore up the support and excitement of her hick constituency by naming the new baby..something cutesy yet gross like Phlegm.