Wednesday, April 29, 2009


sorry all....
I've been hiding out in my bunker for the last week or so terrified of pirates.. attacking presidential airplanes...
and now...SWINE FLU!
just when I thought it was safe to come out...
swine flu
swine flu
swine flu
swine flu
Then MK Yakov LItzman from UTJ in Israel took offense to having it called swine flu..because..swine is offensive to Jews..
I'm not making this up...
So I called him up and suggested "yenne machle" (that disease..) but apparently..that name is already taken...

I almost forgot to mention as I'm sure most of you have noticed by now the Great Falls of Paterson New Jersey have become a National Park.
I read this and it brought me back to a wonderful spring afternoon in 2000. I was driving down the Garden State Parkway and the kids were getting unruly in the back and I suddenly remembered reading somewhere about this interesting historical area in Paterson NJ. So I took the exit and found my way to grimy downtown Paterson. We got out of the car and were stunned to find ourselves overlooking a huge waterfall of almost Niagara proportions (especially after a good rainstorm) smack in middle of a Paterson street. I thought I was dreaming..but these things do tend to happen to me (a few weeks ago I woke up shabbos afternoon to find the serengeti in my basement).
In my mind I could already hear James Earl Jones Imax voice intoning "it was a beautiful spring afternoon in 2000 when David Lake followed the spirit of the great falls...and discovered one of natures hidden gems..."
Well I got home and did some research and it seems..other people know about them as well. And just last mnth Obama declared the area a National Park.
For history buffs, the area is full of early American history and for those that love the exhilaration of lots of rushing, tumbling water and mist in your face..its worth a visit, it's 5 minutes off the GSP.



Blogger chav said...

and while you're in that bunker...
make room for your coworkers in manhattan who might have to duck inside when those f16's feel like a photo op.

April 29, 2009 10:57 PM  
Blogger Almost Frum Cougar said...

You are a fantastic writer...I am in complete awe! Thank you for being so inspirational, truly.

May 04, 2009 8:48 PM  

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