Monday, April 06, 2009

Seder Connections

My Father..sitting on my right..
My Grandfather on his right..
My son on my left..
Why is this night different?

My sons son is on his left
My grandfathers father on his right
And his father next to him

Connected through the ages, the years
floating above our doubts our smallness our fears
Drawing life from the past
Drawing strength from the future

Sandwiched between the light
Of The Exodus
Sinai on one side
And the light of the end of days
The world of perfection
On the other..

We , in the night
Have nothing but faith..
We, the sufferers
Consequence of fate
Spinning in a spiritual void
We suck from the vein..that passes through
This night
Hoping for a small glimpse of light
Perhaps these lights are drawing their power
Forging their connection
From us,
From our imperfection
who knows?

And so we sing...
And so we sit like kings
Eating bitter herbs

Saving one matzah for midnight
One memory of this moment
Of faith
Of tears
Of this special blind love
To our love..above
And hide it away
And pray...
That it isn’t stolen away our children



Anonymous Anony said...

So, so beautiful..

April 07, 2009 1:48 PM  

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