Monday, July 13, 2009

bird feeders

They came back from the botanical gardens thorougly inspired...
having learned how to set up an urban oasis for natures tired
and hungry and thirsty birds wild and exotic who would flock
to their feeders and bathe in their pond, as they (the kids) take stock
of the wildlife around them and do good in their own little way they all sat by the window..early the next day
and watched to their utter dismay..
as beautiful birds..of yellow red and blue
Happily they flew..
To the neighbor next door..!!
That disgraceful boor
Whose kids leave food and dirt lying about..
Discarded bags of snacks..all around..
So while last night they mightve been feeling in a green kinda mood
They found themselves mired in a different kind of green brood
Green with angry and envy
As it was plain to see
Birds like people are perfectly happy..
With urban junk no matter how crappy..




Anonymous jack said...

that's how it ends?
it seems like you'd have more to say, and it just...stops!

there are definitely birds such as those you described, then there are birds who have more discerning palates. guess they're still down south.

July 13, 2009 9:50 PM  

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