Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I find the latest financial mess frightening on a number of levels...

This idea that we’ve been living on money that just is not there. That our whole society is structured on this model. And that there eventually comes a day of reckoning when we have to face that we’ve been borrowing and borrowing and that we have nothing to pay back...

Sometimes I look around at all the old people in my life and wonder..
I stand with my grandfather in his cold hospital room as the Doctor pokes and prods his frail body..
I watch my uncle barely frail..
I see loneliness in so many, once vibrant eyes.
I avert my eyes from the humiliation of malfuctioning bodily functions.
I hear hoarse moans of pain...
I sense this sense of pending doom in the knowledge that they’re so close to the end...

And I can’t help but wonder...
Is this how we repay the debts accumulating on account of the carefree spending of our youth?
The years of borrowing excess with empty bank accounts?

And I'm not sure if I find that..frightening..
....or comforting



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