Thursday, September 18, 2008

Science Digest

Every once in awhile we devote a post to the latest discoveries in the world of Science and Nature.

Have you noticed lately that time seems to be going really fast?
Well Scientists now believe that the much touted Large Hadron Collidor is to blame.
For those of you wondering what that is, it's that huge tunnel straddling the border of Switzerland and France, or rather straddled by the border of Switzerland and France. This 17 mile subterranean racetrack has tiny particles racing toward one other at mind boggling speeds. Scientists can then observe the way they interact when they collide (hence the name) and at best case scenario uncover all the secrets of the universe and at the very least at least hope for some clues into what kind of hidden dimensions do lost luggage and socks get sucked into.

So it appears Einstein might have been right when he predicted that there might be more than 3 dimensions, as a matter of fact there might be 12 dimensions, but since we're so used to a 3 dimensional world we have no clue what a 12 dimensional world would be like. Well it appears that one of the 3 dimensions currently sharing the limelight, time might be condensing itself to make room for more dimensions.
Who knows? Only time will tell...

Unfortunately the Collider project is not working as planned.
While the particles on the Swiss side are firing off as planned, those on the French side have been observed lounging around sipping Chardonnay in no rush to go anywhere.

This weeks second startling news item involves the discovery of an ancient writing tablet in the caves of the Pyrenee Mountains of Spain. It is believed that the tablet contains the Alphabet used by the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon homininans popularly known as Cavemen.
Liguists and historians were shocked to learn that the cavemen alphabet did not contain the letters Z G B or R as popularly believed. As a matter of fact the most common sounds used were the equivalent of the modern day Qu and soft C along with the soft Th.
This latest finding sent thousands of writers, cartoonists and humorists back to the drawing board...