Thursday, November 13, 2008


The road from Abstract to Concrete is a long one
By the time I’m ready to be long gone
From my mind to your mind is light years away..
For me to tell you that story....that emotion to convey..
From that swirling..mumble jumbe of ideas..that make much sense to me and my..curious flake
..of my figment of my imagination..
To something that readable

I must say I’m a bit envious..
Of an idea that is pure genius
In the world of visual art...
Where some lazy bloke..lazy and smart
decided not to take the road..from abstract
and instead decided to make you the viewer pack
your meager mind..and climb into his lazy mind..
Lazy...but oh so smart..creative and readable..
If only...

Imagine if Jackson Pollack was a writer.....

There was NO waMya ke my day he said.
SHE said ahhh so this makes red sense
In the Worst the Worst ANGER red it is
silly isnt it? So what? Make my day he said
HE HE said in yellow tweed tones For
shame. ShAme red DRIP His actions
were everywhere Those eyes
DRIP His life was broken shards of fine
porcelain white irrepairably bautiful baby
blues SHINING with delight..silly isnt it? His
day was made..her bed Was made..Now
sleep in it and good dreamless
..wasted Dreamslingering at the bedpost DRIP
Its me he whisperewdhisperewdhispered until
He was blue in the face..DRIP..and then they
knew. It was HIM and the crowd grew
Unruly demanding..cake but Marie Antoinette
was nowhere to be Drip and neither was
****** the crowd cowered and walked home
in shame back to their beds DRIP and
He woke up Redeemed DRIP by the the
one..that sensed that it would happen..silly..heh
Isnt it? Good please leave my mind could leave through my ear