Friday, November 26, 2010

The Furry Wall of Silence


Codes of silence are dead.

There used to be great tall walls of silence erected by communities and societies that had plenty to hide.
Words like the Blue Wall of Silence or Omerta would strike fear into anyone even thinking of breaching those walls.
But a younger generation of mobsters, internet sites like wikileaks and other factors have left these codes of silence in shambles.

Which makes the following code of silence even more remarkable.

The self imposed code of silence of the animal kingdom.

No, it wasn't always like this. Animals used to be very careless when in the presence of humans and would routinely snitch on one another and regale us with the gossip of the furry underworld.
But all that came to end with the publication of one book 2500 years ago.

The sensational best-selling expose by Aesop.

The sense of betrayal and outrage that that this lowbrow work inspired in all animals from amebas to blue whales, initiated a code of silence that has lasted over 2,500 years.

Oh there have been attempts to try to break the code, from the Grimm brothers all the way to Disney portrayals of animal life but nothing has worked. After every shocking portrayal, humans hold their breath, set up microphones at the entrances to jungles, savannas and forests for a possible press conference, but they never materialize.
You will never hear an owl slip up before a human nor will you ever see a blog written by a fox.

It's quite remarkable.

Thanks a lot Aesop...



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i have a mole on the inside.
he's super informative.

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