Thursday, January 13, 2011



All the Kings men
...and All the Kings horses
(not to mention..the specators)

couldn't put (him)(her) back together again

...only the

..........king himself
the ever loving





Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Rock Bottom

Rock bottom is a very
.....holy place
you fall and fall
until you slam your head
..and find yourself on a 12am bus
On the turnpike
and you're in Gods lap
....because it does say
there where the Baal Teshuva stands
Even the greatest tzaddik cannot
.....because when you hit rock bottom
You have nowhere to go but up
.....because humans cannot stay(tionary)
....and when you're there
you attain a level of self honesty
that the greatest Tzaddik cannot..
and Emes is the seal of God rock bottom is a very holy place
may we never go there