Wednesday, April 18, 2012


as the night lingered
into timelessness
and the words and tunes
took me to magical spaces
swinging on a rope bridge
under the clear full moon
and as I'm listening to children
regale me with midrashim
one more unbelievable than the next
(did you know that babies grew
..out of the ground and sucked
milk from rocks..?
..and when the wild beasts came
they brought their environments with... imagine the polar bears..
and so my haze
the ropes and strings
holding me the land
to security of rationale
start snapping one by one..
terrified at first...
...I relax
as the last of the ropes
gives way...
and...I look down
...I'm floating
I'm in a world of
God Rationale..
no's not
a suspension of logic
it's God Logic..
as much logic as the
human kind feels good let


Thursday, April 05, 2012

this year

this year we are slaves year we will be free
this year we are here year in the land of Israel
Why is this night different?
..why do we eat matzah
eat maror..dip twicerecline
why? why? WHY?

next year...
..there will be no questions
no expectations befuddle
no contrast

next year we will be free
..and nothing will
ever be
this year we are slaves


Monday, April 02, 2012

greater than God


there is only one thing the universe greater than


..and it is I
...God only exists
because I choose him to