Friday, November 27, 2009


I came out of the office the other day and proceeded to fetch my car. This wasn't very difficult, as it was the only car left in the lot.
Any casual observer looking at my car at that moment would assume that I'm the worst parker in the world. My car was situated haphazardly at an extremely odd angle.
A mathematician would have delighted in the previously unheard of angles I had created.

However if you would have been there earlier when I parked, you would have seen that the way all the cars around me were situated really left me no choice but to squeeze my car in that way and it would have seemed perfectly natural.
It's only now..that I'm out of that context that you see how crooked..

And I thought to myself..
How can we ever judge anyone?
Do you know what kind of environment that person grew up in?
When you see someone haphazard, you're seeing them exposed, out of context.
If you would have followed him/her from birth it all might make sense. People are formed and squeezed into the people, enviroment and actions around them and sometimes when experiences surrounding them are on odd angles there is only one spot in which this person can squeeze into..and that might be a crooked one as well.
So do not be quick to judge that person..when all the cars around him/her have disappeared from your view.


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I see...
..that suicide
is somehow
not enough sHAkE us
out of our
I'm now convinced..
.....I'm very afraid
that it'll have to come
to murder..
...a well placed bullet
borne of RAGE..
..blood seeping through the rug
forcing the dirt..
....from underneath


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Every once in awhile..
I'll come across...this
Researchers close to
finding cure
Cure..for [cancer]
or something like that..
and we breathe..

but then I think

this carefreeclosedhearted
generation..of mocking anything
serious..and constricting..
this generation..
..of 7 lb steak
and shaindy
dot commm
this silly group..of
frivolous..dont tell
ME what to do
vosizneias commenters
that we are
Theres still one word
that strikes FEAR..
one C wo A rd N that pen C etra E tes R
the most calloused soul..
that interrupts the dizzying
circle..of dancing hentelech..
and swirls black.. the middle

so...god help us
if that disappears


Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Song! Mimkomcha

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This one is with vocals only...


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

update and observation

New story on the way...

I've noticed something quite peculiar around Lakewood.
Every morning I see High School girls by the hundreds walking..walking briskly...sometimes miles, to their respective schools.
They can be seen walking two by two..or three by three with their uniforms no matter what the weather.

At the same time you'll inevitably see Yeshiva Bochurim lazily standing on the shoulder of the road with their thumbs sticking up, hat on a tilt, Tefillin dangling haphazardly.
The absolute picture of laziness.

Something wrong with this picture?


Monday, November 02, 2009

New Song! Tzomoh Nafshi