Saturday, July 28, 2012

early morning anguish

so vivid so clear
I lay there in my bed
in my own head
heart beating fast
So close to that fast fading
......that vision of you
so desperately clinging
Another minute then another
rolling over trying to get back
.....Into that netherworld
Where I see you sometimes
Another minute
and the vision now
just snapshots
And another
and my anguish
evolves as even that
and now my anguish
is for......
.....the anguish itself

Have an easy fast.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The House on Jupiter

Jupiter, Solar System 2135
It's been 3 years since the first settlers started setting up settlements on this largest planet of them all.
Everything was going exactly as planned and an entire city was already operational. The houses and buildings were constructed of ultra light titanium
There wasn't much going on to speak of aside for one perplexing phenomenon that had everyone a little spooked.
Just a few weeks after moving in, a few boys decided to take a stroll outside the settlement perimeters. After a few hours of uneventful walking, they were stopped cold by the sound of what appeared to be banging and human groaning. They came back and told everyone what they had heard. People began sneaking over there to hear for themselves in droves and soon everyone had their own theory as to the source of those sounds. A few months later a group of scientists were sent from earth to investigate.
They scoffed at the locals and said that there were no such things as mysteries and everything could be understood. They followed the source of the sounds carefully behind some giant rock formations and stumbled upon a house. It was a simple white single dwelling wood siding earth home and looked ridiculously out of place on the chalky surface of Jupiter. The scientists had no way to get into the house. The doors wouldnt budge and the windows were boarded.  The mystery only deepened as people would congregate on a daily basis and stand in awe and veneration in front of the mystery house with the strange knocking and groaning much to the chagrin of the scientists.
Finally after a few months one of the scientists managed to fashion a makeshift key out of some odds and ends. Excitement gripped the entire planet. The scientists set up a press conference where they announced that they were on the threshold of removing this mystery for once and for all.  Everyone would finally know what exactly is causing these noises.
They then proceeded to open the lock and slowly enter. They were completely taken aback by what they saw but at least they knew. They came back out and announced their findings to the waiting masses. The chief scientist approached the microphone and said "today is a great day for Jupiter, we are pulling away the veil of superstition and replacing it with knowledge. We have discovered that the noises  coming from this house are being made by Abraham Lincoln who is sitting in a rocking chair in the living room banging a light saber into the wall. You can all go home now empowered by this newfound knowledge."
And with that the residents of Jupiter returned to their space homes more confused than ever.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

sometimes when lstening to sefira music

sometimes when listening sefira amusic
to the spittle ridden
beat boxing..desperate
I feel any moment
...every sage that ever lived
will burst from their grave
and shout to the
....ends of the earth
along with a BasKol

..listen to music DAMMIT!!


Monday, July 02, 2012


I think all of life
is one big distraction
from the awkwardness
......of just being

There's an intrinsic awkwardness to being just a weird conscious hunk of cells that we cannot really control.
Like ..this is all just so weird..
Too weird to even think about.