Friday, April 30, 2010

open wound


he lay there
as if
....pinned down
by the weight
of a thousand words

and unsaid

his eyes open
as onlookers disappear
one by one

this can't be happening
he though..
this can't be me

so many ideas many dreams
upward like a balloon
receding into the
.....brilliant sky
as the last
....of his inspiration

and oozed
...out of his


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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

The gloves
..........are off


Sunday, April 18, 2010

metamorphosis extraordinaire

The Entomologist crept up slowly to the colony of dragonflies..
...such behavior had never before been observed
they wrapped themselves in cocoons of white silk
...only to emerge 2 months later..
as beautiful dazzling brooches



Saturday, April 10, 2010

of words and onomatopoeia

What comes first the chicken or the egg?

I honestly never understood that question.
First of all which chicken are we talking about? The mom or the baby?
How could the baby chicken come before the egg that houses it?
It really makes no sense, and yet it's become cliche so it's repeated and by association to the moral of the parable it just kind of has taken on a meaning.

Speaking of the above mentioned cliche, I've been wondering about words and their meanings.
Through our constant use of words they sort of clothe their meaning in a way that makes them indistinguishable from the terms they represent.
So when a world sounds like what it is is it because of it's constant association or would it sound like it's meaning even before we make the connection through repetition?
In other words..what came first? the chicken? or the egg?

While it seems that in the majority of the cases words seem to take on the meaning of the words they represent, take the word egg, who can say the word egg without instantly seeing that distinct white oval shape?

But I've discovered that there are quite a few words that really do not sound like their meaning, no matter how often they're spoken.
One such word is Philanderer. Sounds so distinguished.
And Beverage sounds like something that should be proudly displayed not swigged down in a paper cup.
How about Hammock? Doesn't that sound like a tool with something sharp protruding from it?
Wouldn't it sound better if I said "here pass the old rusty hammock so that I could put up the soft linen beverage and rest in the sun with my friend the distinguished philanderer"?
And how could one word mean an era of time, an emphatic end and a bloody discharge all at once?

Then there are animals.
Lion..ah when one says Liiiion one can sense the regal presence and hear the distant roar. Same with Tiger.
But Bear..doesn't quite do it for me.
And then there's the word giraffe which actually has 2 giraffes walking right through it's name.

But most ironic of all is the word onomatopoeia itself which sound more like it should mean the study of ostrich's retinas then words that sound like their meaning.


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

reconstructed humanity

....when I turned that doorknob
and entered...
a world of pain

.....a world of hope
the words I heard that cold night..
the knowledge injected...
such intimate knowledge
.......of the human spirit
knowledge that can come only by
first squashing it to death...
then reconstructing it...

it put to shame..any discourse..I had ever heard..
When the mashgiach..with a scar filled face...
...hardened eyes that have seen it all
.....begins his shmuz with
Hello my name is John and I'm a drug addict..*

(and is enveloped by the
.... kind of unjudgemental love
..........that those like him can offer)
your hair Stands on the back of your Neck..
and the lump in your throat won't go away..
you just want to hug these people..
and hope to one day attain that kinda honesty..
and connect with your own higher power..
with your own humanity..
even if it means
.....squashing it to death first

thank you john

*..never mind