Monday, October 30, 2006

Music Critique

Back in the 1950s writers and preachers were beside themselves with the appearance of Elvis Presley and the budding stars of Rock n Roll. Warning the public of the danger of contaminating the youth of the nation by listening to and watching the immoral songs replete with sexual innuendos and undertones. As a fan of Rock n Roll and having grown up listening to pop music in my home as a child I can tell you that until I was educated in the affairs of the birds and the bees I never picked up on this sexual undercurrent.

However I must say, although I general keep an open mind and enjoy a wide variety of music genres and styles I find my self aghast at the latest crop of modern pop music. There are no longer sexual undercurrents in hip hop it’s all spelled and acted out in the most crude fashion. Basically music is morphing into a sexual soundtrack set to a writhing beat.

Will people look at me one day as some quaint relic?

I don’t know but in the meantime I’d rather not have my kids listening to...and wondering about handcuffs and moaning girls getting their bootys spanked.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nostalgia Now

How can some thing so new..make me reminisce already?
Can a new song make me feel nostalgic
For the present?
Sounds..leaving impressions..
Mood swinging sessions...
Where are you?
All that’s left is a faint whiff and a boot scuff..
This journey I cannot complete..
Do I even start?
Do I bring along my heart?
Journeys to Vienna in the back of a van
Do I scoot? I need a trip plan?
Do I risk a slap..?
Or just take a nap?
Must I think about this right now?
Nostalgia for this moment makes me smile
Mile after mile.....
I will anticipate..enjoy and then miss
this one it happens
And live happily ever after.
All in this one moment...

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

From my ringer to Gods ears...

The majority of bystanders, passengers and pedestrians’ knowledge of classical is limited to shrill digital likenesses of the William Tell Overture or a Beethoven Symphony emanating from purses and belts, well at least for a few seconds before the mini concert is rudely interrupted by a Hellooo??

Conversely, anyone at a Classical Music concert can attest to how annoying the unrefined sound of a cellphone is in the middle of a delicate piano concerto movement. I was once at a concert in Europe when the conductor and pianist refused to continue playing until the red faced offender left the hall.

So one orchestra decided to embrace it's nemesis in an unusual way.
The Chicago Sinfonnieta began it's season with a Concerto for Cell Phones and Orchestra.
Click to read...see video link on top right side.

Hmm why can't our Rabbonim be so resourceful and somehow figure out a way of incorporating the cellphone into the liturgy?

Imagine for a moment the Baal Shem Tov alive in todays day. Here's how one classic tale might've gone down.

The Holy Baal Shem was locked in his room for hours. His disciples nervously pacing outside. It was already 3 hours after Kol Nidre was to have begun and no sign of the holy master.
Suddleny the door opens and his glowing countenance filled the doorframe. His smile belied the seriousness of the moment as he made his way to the Amud to begin the service. After davening his closest Chassidim crowded around him and asked for an explanation. He turned to them and see there was a terrible decree against the Jews and I was storming the heavens trying to foil it. Suddenly in a small neighborhood not far from here, a young stock broker curiously entered his local Shul still dressed in his preppy work clothes. He looked around and wished he knew how to pray. With a heart full of longing and sadness he pulled out his cellphone and pushed his favorite Mission Impossible ringer and cried out..God I don't know how to pray..please accept this little tune in lieu of my prayers.
At that moment, declared the Baal Shem, the decree was abolished and I was able to begin Kol Nidre, as his chassidim listened in awe in the silent night punctured only by the sound of a distant car alarm.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ode to the Middle Child

To the child whose smile lights up the room
Makes my heart swell and sway to your content tune
Whose happy eyes sparkle and shine...
The one that has to be told... just one time
The one that never needs a smack
The one that lives in the crack.
between the limelight of the eldest
and The drama of the youngest..
The one that always gives in..
Can always be counted on to be good..
You’re the calm the storm of parenthood..
Always ready with a long hug..

So....I know you’re underappreciated
I know you don’t ever end up with the biggest portion
If any at all
I know your wisdom gets shouted out by your older sibling
Your charm gets snatched up by the baby
But you’re the one that keeps us all sane
The big wide umbrella in the rain
And some day you’re going to make a wife and children very very happy

This is to dear Middle Child


Monday, October 16, 2006

IM from God...

There are so many Siddurim these days translated into English...from translated to transliterated to having the English alongside the Hebrew..under the Hebrew..on top...facing page...blah blah..
I decided to introduce the first truly up to date translation of the Shemonah Esrei experience IM style...

God: Hey its me U know.. God
Me: hey
u know ur my fav..
God: am I?
Me: ur kidding right? cmon we go back a loooong way...member the old days? Avraham..Yitzchok.Yaakov?
no one can break what we got...
how do u do that stuff?..heal the sick..raise the dead..u know
ur really awesome
i luv u
btw sorry bout that..the other day..u know...whatever
God: are u?
Me: uh huh
hey I meant to ask u..can u heal me? heads killin
o hey and also a few dollas to spare? :-)
ur the best...

when can we get together..?
this sux being far
God: I know..for me too

God: u there?
Me: oh distracted
God: s’ok
Me: u heard everything I said..before?
c’mon pleeeez come thru for me..just this time...i’ll be good
God: lol
Me: whats so funny..?
God: I’ve heard that b4
Me: I know I don’t say it enuff but I really appreciate everything u do for me..
God: see u in a few good
Me: of course....



Cleaning the cobwebs...sweeping the floor..

Will be posting shortly..

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Every way
Every path
Every journeyman
Every wanderer
Some through the valley of tears
Of darkness
Some cry lonely tears
In empty bathrooms
Propelled by demons
So deep inside them
Others fly smooth
Of joy propelled
By angels
We all meet up at the end
Our eyes meet
Nervous..yet calm
The harvest
This years crop...
In the cold autumn eve..
This is what we’ve reaped
But now..theres a peace
The kind of peace..
We vaguely recall
5 minutes before a big test
When we’ve spent nights
Studying and now..this is it
When we’ve been in the worst
Pain imaginable
And then..
Theres the baby
so beautiful
Such a peaceful holiday
Harvest festival
The world slows...down..
We hold and breathe in
The Esrog..Lulav..Hadassim..aravos
All together..
The fruits of our
Lives..hearts..and bodies
We read Koheles...
The wisdom of Shlomo at the end
Celebrating the end...
We watch the beauty of death
In the leaves...
Singing their final song
As they let go and
At rest

At peace


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